Is Stephen Miller Trolling With Family Separation?

White House Looks to Use Executive Action to Crack Down on Illegal Immigrants

Samantha Bee Reveals The Withheld 'Recording' From Stephen Miller's NYT Interview

Users who shared Miller's number were forced to delete the tweet and had their accounts locked out for several hours.

The number was published by Splinter, a website under the umbrella of Gizmodo Media Group, in an article titled, "Here's Stephen MIller's Cell Phone Number, If You Need It".

Miller, a 32-year old White House aide, is reportedly the author of some of the Trump administration's most controversial immigration policies, including the most recent "zero-tolerance" practice of prosecuting all adults who cross the United States border illegally and separating them from their children in the process. "The Post reports that a patron of the restaurant called out Miller - an immigration hard-liner - over the Trump administration's "zero tolerance" policy that separates migrant families caught crossing the border illegally".

Claiming that the publication of such a brief, tantalizing bit of audio was a breach of their journalistic responsibility, a furious Stephen Miller told reporters Tuesday that he was outraged at ProPublica for only releasing seven minutes of immigrant children sobbing. On Wednesday, Trump signed an executive order ending the practice of separating families.

In reversal, Trump orders halt to his family separation rule
Under the Obama administration, such families were usually referred for civil deportation proceedings, not requiring separation. If children are to be sent here he should demand paperwork connecting those children to a parent somewhere.

Coffman's singling out of Miller perhaps represents the GOP wanting to distance itself further from the more fringe actors in Trump's administration, who all too often have been deeply influential.

The article's author justified the move by referring to Trump's publicizing of Sen.

"And the President should fire Stephen Miller now", Coffman added.

The social media site eventually stopped penalizing users for sharing the number, saying that the number was no longer valid, possibly because Miller had suspended it or changed his number.

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