Canada votes to legalise cannabis for recreational use

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Uruguay was the first nation to legalize and regulate marijuana at the federal level a year ago. According to, Washington state has raised over $740 million in cannabis tax revenue since recreational weed was legalized here, and, despite what Jeff Sessions would have you believe, legalization has not led to an increase in youth potheads or sales of Bob Marley tapestries.

Ms. Wilson-Raybould also said provinces can pass their own laws regarding home cultivation, which the federal legislation allows in small amounts.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who announced plans to legalize the drug in April 2017, has rebuffed provincial leaders who say they need more time.

Marijuana will not be sold in the same location as alcohol or tobacco.

On Tuesday, the Senate voted to end its opposition to certain aspects of the federal bill, most notably the plan to permit Canadians to cultivate marijuana plants at home. "It ends 90 years of needless criminalization, it ends a prohibition model that inhibited and discouraged public health and community health in favor of just-say-no approaches that simply failed young people miserably".

Selling marijuana to an underage kids can get a person locked up in prison for up to 14 years.

During Question Period Wednesday afternoon, Justin Trudeau confirmed that Canadians can expect a full roll-out of legalization October 17, 2018 - several months after the projected July 1 date, but far sooner than some Canadians expected.

"And therefore we do not want to encourage in any way people to engage in that behaviour until the law is changed". Tony Dean, who sponsored the bill in Canada's Senate, told the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

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In the US, nine states have legalized recreational marijuana.

"I think the new Senate came out very well".

The move by Canada is likely to cause a headache south of the border, and twist an already strained relationship with the current United States government.

Legal recreational sales are expected to contribute up to $4.34 billion, more than half of the total, while the illegal market may still generate at least $1 billion annually.

However, some health experts have anxious that the lower age will encourage use of a substance that can have long-term consequences on still-maturing brains.

Conservative Senator Larry Smith chastised the government for "failing to educate" children about the dangers of cannabis use ahead of legalisation.

"Canada should be applauded for taking bold and decisive steps towards ending the failed prohibition of marijuana", Hannah Hetzer, the senior global policy manager for the Drug Policy Alliance, said in a statement.

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