Canada will legalise cannabis this year says PM Justin Trudeau

Canada has voted to legalise cannabis for recreational use

Canada gives the green light for recreational marijuana

That would have put day one of legalization in late September.

In fact, they won't be able to have a legal puff of cannabis until October 17, according to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who announced the new start date earlier today during Question Period in the House of Commons.

The ready availability of illegal cannabis on Britain's streets showed that any war on the drug had been "comprehensively and irreversibly lost", he wrote.

The bill that passed allows for people to grow up to four plants at home for personal use. Some provinces, like Ontario, are planning on provincially-run outlets, while others, like Alberta, will open up retail marijuana to the private sector.

"It's not the position of the federal government to challenge particular provincial laws", Wilson-Raybould said. The law does not cover edibles, so the options for recreational consumers will initially be limited to flowers and oils.

On Monday, Sen. Peter Harder, the Liberal government's representative in the upper house, argued that senators had done all they could to study the bill thoroughly and recommend improvements. "They've kind of gotten a pass thus far because we haven't had a federal framework finalized". The federal government and the provinces also still need to publish regulations that will govern the cannabis trade. In some jurisdictions, such as Alberta and Nova Scotia, cannabis will be sold in the same stores that carry alcoholic beverages, while in others, such as Quebec and British Columbia, the two kinds of products will be sold separately. This comes in response to opposition from Quebec and Manitoba who want to ban homegrown plants in their respective provinces.

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Justice Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould called the legislation - which still requires royal assent to become law - "transformative" and predicted it would protect young people and keep organized crime out of the pot market.

Though denied entry of travellers who merely admit past drug use is relatively rare, the legalization of marijuana in Canada could mean that border patrol officers will be keeping a closer eye on Canadians seeking entry into the United States. Cabinet ministers have indicated pardons are being considered, but have not made any promises.

"I believe that's premature", Blair said when asked Wednesday about the likelihood of pardons.

"There is a lot of interest from our allies in what we're doing", he said. Laws are also being revised to reflect the consequences and definition of driving while impaired. "Our plan to legalize & regulate marijuana just passed the Senate", Trudeau said in a Tuesday evening tweet after the vote passed. In the meantime, police will continue to use standardized sobriety exercises backed up by blood tests.

But those devices are still being tested and will need to be approved by Wilson-Raybould before police forces can buy them.

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