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WASHINGTON D.C. – Former Trump Campaign Chairman Paul Manafort appeared in federal court Friday. Now he’s headed to jail

WASHINGTON D.C. – Former Trump Campaign Chairman Paul Manafort appeared in federal court Friday. Now he’s headed to jail

Manafort's jailing is perhaps the most significant blow to the former Trump campaign manager - but it's by no means the last.

At one point, even as Manafort was on notice that investigators had been monitoring his communications, the former campaign chairman sent an encrypted text message to one of the witnesses, saying: "This is Paul.We should talk", court papers stated.

He was booked into the Northern Neck Regional Jail at 8:22 p.m. ET Friday night.

Mr Manafort was indicted by Special Counsel Robert Mueller - the head of the investigation in Russian meddling in the U.S. election - in February for failing to declare the decade he spent as a lobbyist for a pro-Russian former politician and party in Ukraine.

Manafort was booked into the Northern Neck Regional Jail in Warsaw, Virginia. They charged him with a new obstruction of justice complaint and asked for his bail to be revoked.

Legal experts say Mueller wants to keep applying pressure on Manafort to plead guilty and assist prosecutors as Gates did and is cooperating with the probe after cutting a plea deal.

Former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort arrives for arraignment on a third superseding indictment against him by Special Counsel Robert Mueller on charges of witness tampering, at U.S. District Court in Washington, U.S. June 15, 2018. "A very short period of time".

Mr Manafort's trial on charges of money laundering and illegal lobbying is due to begin in September.

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Jackson said she "struggled with this decision", but ultimately Manafort "abused the trust" placed in him by the court. "This isn't middle school", she said, according to reports from reporters in the courtroom. It is not about the conduct of the office of special counsel.

Trump later tweeted, "Wow, what a tough sentence for Paul Manafort, who has represented Ronald Reagan, Bob Dole and many other top political people and campaigns".

Andres revealed that one of the witnesses was driving with his wife in rural Italy when Manafort contacted him on February 24, the day after he was indicted on expanded charges in Washington. "What about Comey and Crooked Hillary and all of the others?"

Trump said it was unfair to send Manafort to jail.

And on Thursday New York's attorney general sued the president and members of his family, referring possible tax crimes at Trump's charitable foundation to the Internal Revenue Service.

Manafort's attorneys argued that his "innocuous" contacts with witnesses was twisted into a "sinister plot" of witness tampering by prosecutors. Gates came on board with Manafort and stayed for the duration of the campaign, later serving as deputy chairman for Trump's inaugural committee and then starting a pro-Trump PAC.

The report never addressed collusion or obstruction in the Russian Federation inquiry. The witness, Andres said, was driving in a auto in Italy on a rural road when his phone rang under an unidentified number.

Manafort, 69, and Kilimnik are accused of attempting to tamper with witnesses in the case by trying to get them to lie about the nature of their Ukrainian political work.

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