Apple will let developers port iOS apps to macOS in 2019

Apple CEO Tim Cook poses for selfies with the company's WWDC scholarship recipients

Apple CEO Tim Cook poses for selfies with the company's WWDC scholarship

Experts worry that all the flashy colours and beeps give users short-term, feel-good rewards while increasing stress in the long run.

People have become so dependent on technology that it's unlikely any company will be able to solve the addiction problem, but they can help keep it from getting worse, Gartner analyst Brian Blau said. As for changing the way I use my iPhone, I don't consider myself a "normal user" and as such don't think I'm the best person to comment on this.

"Apple at least seems to be hearing what people are saying and trying to do something about it", he said. Apart from that, the company has brought various digital wellness tidbits such as time limits for app usage, your daily summary of how much time you've spent staring at your phone, and more. Another interesting feature is Downtime, which suggests when it's time to put the phone down. One of our wishlist items for iOS 12 was the unification of gestures between iPhone and iPad.

Also included is something called Quick Actions which allow you to edit files without actually opening them. Parents and children could have their own logins which would make parental controls much easier to manage.

Apple doesn't have multiple-logins on any of its devices.

Kane signs contract extension with Tottenham Hotspur
Securing Pochettino to an £8.5 million-a-year contract was key to Kane's decision to stay, despite interest from Real Madrid . Indeed, it's reported that his weekly wage will be somewhere near the £200,000 mark once all relevant bonuses are chucked in.

The announcement comes as Facebook acknowledges it struck data-sharing deals with at least 60 device makers, including Apple.

New App named "Measure" has been launched.

Apple is trying to extend AR experiences to a broader population, rather than just hard-core, tech-savvy users. "Initially, I started to build the demo to see if this level of eye tracking was even possible". Now in a recent discovery by Techcrunch, it's been revealed that not only streaming apps like Apple Music but also other third-party apps will be able to benefit from this. But Ben Wood, head of research at CCS Insight, said Apple still has a lot of work to do to close the cap with Amazon and Google. The new AI-powered functionality will allow you to search photos according to the activity.

Apple's blog post over on their website provides details on everything to do with the App Store Connect app.

Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference 2018 saw a host of technological advancements taking centre stage. EE says support for Android products will be coming "at a later date". iPhones from the 6 and SE onwards are supported, with support for 2012 Macs and later, alongside various iPads and all generations of Apple Watch. We're not merging iOS and macOS, but by the way all the new apps you just saw are iOS apps!

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