Feds Say Your Internet Router May Be Infected With Russian Malware

Ransomware attacks global IT systems

Sputnik Kirill Kallinikov Ransomware attacks global IT systems

Because the Justice Department recently obtained a court order allowing it to take possession of a key domain name used by the malware to remotely take control of routers.

It is not uncommon that you might need to reboot your router because of some error or bug, but it's not often that you need to reboot it in the name of national security. Upgrading the router's firmware and changing the password will also help secure your device.

The F.B.I. has issued a warning, asking the owners of hundreds of thousands of Internet routers to reboot the device to prevent Russian malware.

The malware is capable of blocking web traffic, collecting information that passes through home and office routers, and disabling the devices entirely, the bureau announced Friday.

The FBI nonetheless is urging all small office and home router owners to reboot devices even if they were not made by one of the affected vendors.

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A Russian malware system has infected hundreds of thousands of routers.

If left unattended, the malware has the potential to render routers completely inoperable. "Detection and analysis of the malware's network activity is complicated by its use of encryption and misattributable networks".

Specifically targeted in the attack are are Linksys, MikoTik, NETGEAR and TP-Link routers and QNAP network-attached storage devised.

The malware, dubbed VPNFilter, was developed by the Russian state-sponsored hacking group Sofacy, also known as Fancy Bear and APT28, according to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, which last week obtained a warrant to seize a domain used to control the infected routers.

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