Yanny or Laurel: How To Hear Both Of The Sounds

11:46 AM

 	  Perk those ears! What do you hear

11:46 AM Perk those ears! What do you hear

How one hears it is similar to how people viewed a dress on the internet three years ago.

The audio file in question has taken social media by storm, putting countless people at odds over what exactly is being said.

"Laurel, and then I can hear Yanny as well", Tricia Grishaw, who works at Sal's said. The frequencies for each sound are a little different from person to person and language to language. But there is some doubt about that story: Wired magazine spoke to two other high school students who claimed that they created the clip. On Tuesday evening, Feldman said in a video that she was fielding multiple interview requests and searching for the original creator. Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan said he'd like "to declare something that is just so obvious: It is laurel and not yanny". "I don't know how this was made". So what do you hear?

"Over time with the wear and tear process that comes with aging, exposure to loud noises, we tend to lose those hair cells in the high pitch range first", says Wolfe.

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The clip picked up steam after a debate erupted on Reddit this week. "N is similar to r; I is close to l".

Speech scientists say there's a simple reason for the audio trickery that has to do with the way our brains learn to quickly decipher vowels and words. "So yanny is more of a high-pitched sound, and laurel is more of a low frequency sound", said Dr. Voellinger, an audiology specialist at Deaconess Gateway. "Age? How much time they spend talking on the phone?" Take our online poll and let us know: Yanny or Laurel?

From the people KLTV polled today in Smith County, 30% said they heard "Yanny" and 70% heard "Laurel". But what about hearing loss?

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