North Korea monitors claim nuclear test site dismantling has begun

North Korea Nuclear Test Site

Kim Jong Un will dismantle North Korea's nuclear test site ahead of President Trump's visitMore

Still, verified action to redeem specific North Korean promises is a rare and positive thing, and part of what some have called a "charm offensive" by Kim Jong-un in advance of his June 12 meeting in Singapore with Donald Trump.

South Korea's Joint Chiefs of Staff said Tuesday that North Korea will proceed with its announced plan for the shutdown, which will involve collapsing all of its tunnels with explosions, blocking its entrances and removing all observation facilities, research buildings and security posts.

South Korea's mass-circulation JoongAng Ilbo daily said in an editorial Monday that "it is regrettable that North Korea did not invite nuclear experts to the destruction of the test site".

Going off those satellite images, North Korea monitoring site 38 North reported on Monday that "several key operational support buildings" have been torn down since April 24.

The US price for normalization - complete, verifiable and irreversible denuclearization - is one Pyongyang has never before been willing to pay, seeing nuclear weapons as the ultimate guarantee of the regime's survival.

Last year, US President Donald Trump and North Korea leader Kim Jong-Un were having a freakish twitter war on the social media sites, exchanging threats of nuclear war.

"If North Korea has really made a decision to denuclearize, it has no reason not to invite them", the editorial said.

The analysis said that could be because North Korea has promised to invite foreign journalists to witness the site's final dismantling.

The announcement was welcomed by Washington and Seoul.

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The meeting between Moon and Kim resulted in few specifics and was largely seen as a prelude to the first-ever U.S.

On Saturday, North Korea announced that it will publicly dismantle the test site located in the country's northern region in a ceremony to which only journalists from South Korea, China, Russia, the United States and Britain will be invited to cover. "In parallel with dismantlement of the nuclear test ground, guards and researchers will be withdrawn and the surrounding area of the test ground be completely closed".

The North said it will hold a ceremony at the site next week to allow local and worldwide journalists to witness the efforts.

"My view is that North Korea wants to finish the job (of dismantling the nuclear test site) in a prompt, transparent and simple manner".

At a party meeting last month, Kim proclaimed that the development of the North's nuclear force was complete and promised no more nuclear or missile tests.

"If North Korea has really chose to denuclearize, it has no reason not to invite them".

And Pompeo said he believed Kim Jong Un shares the same objectives as America, with the summit task, therefore, being for Trump and Kim to "meet to validate the process by which this would go forward, to set out those markers so that we can negotiate this outcome".

Moon said Monday that the North's move shows how honest the country is about making the talks between Kim and Trump a success.

They also agreed to stop all hostile acts over "land, sea and air" and to resume family reunions on August 15.

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