FOX Renews Gotham For Fifth, Final Season

Gotham Cancelled Renewed

Gotham Renewed for Season 5 by FOX

The final season will focus on Bruce Wayne's transformation into the caped crusader.

The new season will be having 13 episodes, bringing the total episodes of "Gotham" to 100 episodes.

It sounds like Gotham was close to being cancelled as the show was not doing too well in the ratings, with an average of 3.7 million viewers. FOX dropped Lucifer like a hot potato, surprising everyone, andLucifer's numbers are a lot better than Gotham's are. However, the upcoming fifth season will be the last for the television series.

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There is one more season to come from "Gotham", and it will be its last. The series is produced by Warner Bros. Having gained a final season, fans are excited to see the show finally transform Bruce Wayne into the iconic superhero. The decision came at 8:00 PM ET on Sunday, mere hours before the FOX upfronts in NY on Monday and a few short days before the epic season 4 finale that will lead directly into season 5. "Gotham" is based on DC Comics characters. Tonight, Fox issued a last-minute renewal to the Batman origin story in a way that should be very much epic. The FOX series (which began as a James Gordon prequel show but quickly morphed into basically Baby Batman) has been renewed for a fifth and final season, ensuring the showrunners will be able to wrap this story up in a conclusive manner.

Without getting too into spoilers, Gotham made the second half of Season 4 all about the passage of madness-inducing villainy from Cameron Monaghan's Jerome to Cameron Monaghan's Jeremiah, with both serving as inspirations for the future rise of The For-Really-Real Joker at some point in the future.

Signing off, Mazouz thanked network Fox for the opportunity to "finish strong", and the fans for "keeping this show alive".

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