Amazon Go arrives again - This time in Chicago and San Francisco

Cashier-less store coming to Illinois

Amazon Go to open in Chicago and San Francisco, expanding cashier-less store footprint

Amazon is opening its first Amazon Go stores outside of Seattle, with cashierless store locations slated for Chicago and San Francisco. The Seattle store has got cameras and multiple sensors that track customers as well as the inventories when they move around.

Amazon executives had hinted during the January opening of the pilot store on the company's Seattle headquarters campus that they planned to expand, but the company had been silent on its road map.

They misuse the term "literally". This time around it involves the Amazon Go Stores, which has been in Seattle for some time and has had great responses. If yes, then brace yourselves because two brand new Amazon Go stores are coming soon. In addition there is a small grocery and sundry section, ready-to-heat meals, meal kits, beer and wine and a few shelves of Amazon-logo gear aimed at tourists. And on Sunday, the San Francisco Chronicle reported that Amazon planned to open a store near the city's Union Square, with a formal announcement expected within weeks. Amazon Go's systems automatically debit their accounts for the items they take, sending the receipt to the app.

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Amazon says it will bring a cashier-less store to IL. There are no checkout lines and no checkout counters, though staff hover helpfully to aid new customers who are hesitant about how it all works.

However, with time, that could change, making the possibility of a true revolution in the way we interact while making an purchase in a normal shop. The company now owns Whole Foods and a number of bookstores.

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