NES Classic Edition Makes A Return To Stores On June 29

Nintendo продолжает наживаться на ностальгии геймеров

The NES Classic Edition will return next month

Nintendo is bringing its retro NES Classic Edition games in June, the business announced Monday.

Nintendo has kept its promise and is bringing back the NES Classic Edition Re-stock after a short period of discontinuation.

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Nintendo struck gold when it released the NES Classic Edition. The console, which is a mini-version of the original NES from 1983, will go on sale in the U.S. from June 29 of 2018. A full list of games available on the NES Classic can be found here. In addition, each game has saved files and through QR codes presented by the console, it is possible to download the original manuals of each title to our portable devices. The news is great for fans who missed the NES Classic when it was first made available for sale. But with SNES Classic Mini reportedly selling somewhere north of 5m units worldwide, we can see why the Japanese giant's finally chose to take the plunge. More than 5 million Super NES Classic were sold by Nintendo. Today, Nintendo has confirmed the NES Classic is returning on June 29th. 1 and 3, Donkey Kong, The Legend of Zelda, Metroid, Pac-Man, Final Fantasy, Kirby's Adventure and more. In fact, nothing will change compared with the first release of the retro console, including its list of 30 classic NES games and additional features such as Suspend Points and Display Modes. The micro-console will include one NES Classic Controller, an HDMI cable, and an AC adapter.

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