In Syria killed more than two dozen foreign fighters

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Galant: “Return the Iranian genie back to its…

He said "six Syrian soldiers and 21 foreign fighters, including 11 Iranians" were among the dead.

Iran's hardliners are already mobilising against any concessions to Europe, with hundreds protesting in Tehran after Friday prayers, saying it was time to abandon the deal.

"They need to remember the saying that if it rains on us, it'll storm on them".

But Thursday's air raid came amid heightened tension in the regime after President Trump announced on Tuesday that the United States would withdraw from the 2015 Iran nuclear deal.

Moustapha's remarks came one day after Israeli jets attacked dozens of targets inside Syria in what was said to be the most extensive strike in the Arab country in decades.

The Israeli raids had prompted concern Iran could activate its powerful ally Hezbollah to retaliate from its positions in southern Lebanon, opening up a deadly new front in the conflict.

"Throw the Iranians out, do away with Qassem Suleimani and the Quds Force", Liberman added before sending a message to Syrian President Bashar Assad: "They are only hurting you, and all their presence will only bring problems and damage".

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Over the past few years, Israel has frequently attacked military targets in Syria in what is considered as an attempt to prop up terrorist groups that have been suffering heavy defeats against Syrian government forces.

"These actions are further proof that the Iranian regime's reckless actions pose a severe threat to regional peace and security. The Israeli claim was made to portray its attacks on Syria as an attempt to contain Iran, thus winning the approval of the USA and the Saudis", he said.

The IAEA said meanwhile that its chief inspector Tero Varjoranta resigned, without giving a reason for his sudden departure.

They also stressed that Iran must be able to reap the benefits of the 2015 agreement.

Iran says it is ready to restart its nuclear programme on an "industrial scale".

"It is time for responsible nations to bring pressure on Iran to change this unsafe behavior".

Its foreign minister Sergei Lavrov said "all issues should be solved through dialogue" and that Russian Federation had warned Israel to avoid "all actions that could be seen as provocative".

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