China's Xi may have met with North Korean official

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo heads to North Korea to prepare for Donald Trump's summit with Kim Jong-un

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un meets Chinese President again before Trump summit

Trump, who announced that the plans for the upcoming summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un had been finalized, said to "stay tuned" for any developments on the release of the USA citizens.

The second summit between Kim and Xi in the northern Chinese city of Dalian on Monday and Tuesday appeared to highlight efforts by the allies to restore ties that have been chilled by the North's nuclear and missile development.

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and Chinese President Xi Jinping held their second summit in about 40 days, with Kim voicing his commitment to denuclearization, state media said Tuesday, ahead of an anticipated summit between Kim and U.S. President Donald Trump.

China has been making all sorts of engagements with North Korea and its neighbours to ensure that it doesn't lose out to the US-backed peace initiative in the Korean Peninsula in which Washington's ally South Korean has also played a big role.

"China supports North Korea's upholding of denuclearisation on the peninsula, and supports North Korea and the United States resolving the peninsula issue through dialogue and consultation", Xi said.

Kim was likely seeking guidance from the Chinese leader ahead of his high-profile summit with Trump, according to former British charge d'affaires to North Korea Jim Hoare.

Tensions rose between the North and South over nuclear weapons, but the atmosphere between the two countries has warmed in recent months. Mr Kim's presence wasn't confirmed until he left, flying out on Tuesday afternoon.

Xi hosted a banquet and told Kim of his backing of North Korea's "strategic shift towards economic development", Xinhua added. This also came after the mercurial leader vowed to denuclearise the Korean peninsula and end the decades-long war with South Korea.

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He says they'll also discuss North Korea, where he says "relationships and trust are building". The North is now detaining three US prisoners, and early talks before the summit strongly inferred that the prisoners would be released as a deed of "good will", according to inside White House source Rudy Giuliani.

Pompeo's trip comes amid rumors of the release of three U.S. citizens detained in North Korea.

China is the only major ally of North Korea, though in recent months, trade between them has declined sharply, as Beijing uses economic United Nations sanctions in response to nuclear bomb tests and ballistic missiles of the North, writes CBSnews.

For his part, Kim said both the DPRK-China friendship and the Korean Peninsula situation have undergone meaningful progress since his visit to Beijing in March this year.

Speculation about Kim's visit to China started when security in Dalian, located close to the China-North Korea border, was increased and Kim's private jet was spotted at the airport of Dalian.

Posts about unusual traffic jams and security in Dalian popped up on Chinese social media.

"I think dialogue between Japan and North Korea should be resumed", Mr. Moon said in an interview Tuesday with the Japanese newspaper Yomiuri.

It is not clear when the meeting was planned or put together or why Dalian was chosen.

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