NY gubernatorial candidate Cynthia Nixon released tax returns on Friday

Gov. Andrew Cuomo signs a bill Tuesday that would take guns away from people accused of domestic violence

Gov. Andrew Cuomo signs a bill Tuesday that would take guns away from people accused of domestic violence governorandrewcuomo Flickr

The returns of Nixon, who is chasing Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo from the political left, depict the financial activities of a successful businesswoman with an acting company, founded in 1999 and which she calls Fickle Mermaid Corp., along with rental income from two downstate apartments and a foundation that made $45,000 in donations previous year to an array of causes.

Nixon reported a federally adjusted gross income of $619,799 for 2017, according to a review of her voluminous tax returns made available to reporters Friday in Albany.

Her income compares with $212,776 in salary and revenue from investments reported by Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo, whom Nixon is challenging for the Democratic nomination - in a state dominated 2-to-1 by Democratic voters.

Nixon paid $28,000 in real estate taxes, the most of the candidates.

Nixon's finances are complicated and involve her private corporation, named the Fickle Mermaid Corp., as well as a family foundation and income from investments, royalties and residual payments for television and film.

The income by the activist, theater actor and co-star of the "Sex and the City" TV series and movies is tops among announced candidates for governor. They also gave $1,000 to charity.

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Cuomo reported paying no property taxes but has said he splits the household costs with his longtime partner, food TV host and author Sandra Lee, in her home in Westchester County. The tax returns didn't identify the address, but noted the ZIP code of the property.

"Nixon's deep grasp of the issues and keen political understanding will make her the kind of Democratic governor that this state has sorely missed for the past eight years".

The couple netted more than $125,000 in capital gains and were paid almost $33,000 in dividends from investments. He also donated $11,000 to HELP USA, a charity he founded years ago to fight homelessness.

Cuomo has released tax returns every year he has been governor, though in 2010, as a candidate, did not release his tax returns until December, after Election Day. Cynthia Nixon supports that legislation and will work to get it passed in the New York State Legislature.

Cuomo, speaking to reporters after an event in Rochester, said past candidates for governor, including himself, have released multiple years of tax statements.

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