Global Energy Report: Crude Falls In Asia As Market Mulls Iran Steps

Iraq can afford to play hard

Global Energy Report: Crude Falls In Asia As Market Mulls Iran Steps

Moreover, the market remained underpinned by the fact that the United States will re-impose sanctions on the Iranian economy. Iranian counter-operations would be likely to close the strait of Hormuz and possibly impact oil production in Saudi Arabia and other nearby countries.

Presently, Angola is suffering sharp declines at under-invested offshore fields, with output dropping nearly three times as much as the nation pledged in an accord with fellow OPEC members. The country is in crisis and the recent crackdown on Chevron employees in the country presages more production declines, particularly if the remaining private companies start to cut back on their personnel and spending.

Growing U.S. crude production and stockpiles have weighed on the market.

The US administration under President Donald Trump is widely expected to walk away from the 2015 pact with Iran and European powers to rein in Tehran's capabilities to develop nuclear weapons. Fritsch said the cuts, along with demand growth, were more than offsetting the increase in U.S. oil.

Crude Oil tends to make some great price moves, which is very attractive to traders, and it has been bullish lately.

Unintended supply disruptions are rife in the cartel. Iran's oil exports hit 2.6 million barrels per day (bpd) in April, the Oil Ministry's news agency SHANA reported on Tuesday, a record since the lifting of sanctions, with China and India buying more than half of Iran's oil. It is the highest price per gallon since November 2014.

Global Energy Report: Crude Falls In Asia As Market Mulls Iran Steps
Global Energy Report: Crude Falls In Asia As Market Mulls Iran Steps

US West Texas Intermediate crude futures lost 11 cents, or 0.2 percent, at $67.82 per barrel. He said we are feeling effects from the decision OPEC (Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries) made around Thanksgiving in 2016 when they cut production.

Only Russia now pumps more oil, at around 11 million bpd.

On Wednesday, the oil prices continued to remain steady, as they surrendered their early gains once the data showed that the United States shale supply increased whereas the Iranian exports also rose. The Brent Crude, the global benchmark, briefly soared above $75 per barrel on Monday after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu claimed that Iran was lying on its implementation of JCPOA conditions. Another reason for the upward trend in exports is the renewed price differential between Brent and WTI.

OPEC shrunk its production by about 1.2 million barrels as part of a deal with Russian Federation and other non-OPEC producers to overcome oversupply.

Banks raised their forecasts for oil prices for the seventh consecutive month in April by more than $1.00/bbl compared with the prior month, according to a poll of 14 investment banks surveyed by WSJ. We expect bunker prices may continue slight upward evolution next week.

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