James stays flawless in first round as Cavs advance

Cavs head into Game 7 with season franchise on the line

Cavs head into Game 7 with season franchise on the line

This transformation, more than any other, marks the biggest difference between this Raptors team and the one Cleveland's faced in the previous two years. They have to trust the vets who've been there before. The Indiana Pacers doubtless thought the same thing in the first round, and James still averaged over 34 points per game while making more two-point baskets than anyone else in the playoffs. Anthony Davis will have to play out of his mind to keep them close.

They tried to make James a passer in 2016. It is only playoff games, in particular elimination games.

How They Got Here: Toronto beat No. 8 Washington 4-2, and Cleveland beat No. 5 IN 4-3. Cleveland could still be in Toronto's heads after winning the teams' last two meetings, when James averaged 31.5 points and 11.5 assists and made 58% of his shots.

In the meantime, LeBron and the Cavaliers tip off Game 1 tomorrow night in Toronto.

"I just think in Game 7, go with the guys who've been here, who've been through it all and know what it takes", Lue said. It didn't work, as he averaged almost three assists for every turnover, with three teammates nailing at least 14 threes in the six games (Kyrie Irving shot only 29% from three, but still averaged 24.2 points). Defensively, Larry Nance can do a little bit to help the Cavs, but isn't going to enough to alter the scoreboard.

We've seen time and time again that Lowry and DeRozan are two guys who give it their all in the regular season (which is commendable), but don't have a second gear come playoff time. The now known "Bench Mob" opened the fourth quarter with a 23-10 run giving the Raps a lead that they wouldn't look back on clinching the series avoiding a game seven. Jordan Clarkson' favourite play is dribble seven times and take a contested jump shot.

Swansea City: Carvalhal welcomes relegation pressure
His stats really do sum it up. "Against West Ham, it happened the same". "It could have happened the same today". The goal against Swansea at the weekend was the Spaniard's first goal in the league since August.

Harden converted 7 of 12 3-point attempts and added eight rebounds and seven assists to his line.

The scoreboard for this road game (April 3rd) doesn't seem terrible because the Raptors only lost by 6 points, but they really weren't in this game at the end. The Cavs scored 10 points off those turnovers. Houston is an outstanding perimeter team and you need all of your weapons at your disposal which they clearly don't have. James' buzzer beating 3 pointer was a devastating blow to IN, but fortunately for them they were able to bounce back IN game 6.

Why? I do it out of the kindness of my heart for those around me.

As we prepare for arguably the most important series in franchise history, where's your confidence level at? George Hill looks like a player that can play once every four days. And we're still putting things together. It remains to be seen if this iteration of the Cavs can even reach the Finals let alone win it, but all the team has to do now is win three home games and steal one on the road. "It definitely will help us going forward". The inconsistency of the Cleveland Cavaliers role players and Kevin Love makes this a crap shoot outcome, so flip a coin.

"There's nothing like a game seven", said Cleveland's Tristan Thompson.

In the first round, James logged more than 41 minutes per game. While Thompson addressed none of his personal matters following Sunday's Game 7 victory, his teammates to a man lauded his game-changing effort. James said he was urged to get IV fluids but turned them down. Even Jeff Green had 15 points in this game.

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