Deadpool Trolls Hugh Jackman During A Birthday Message

Deadpool 2 has already got a follow-up movie- and it's not even been released yet

Deadpool 2 has already got a follow-up starring Ryan Reynolds, Josh Brolin and Zazie Beetz and it's not even hit

In true Ryan style, he made a decision to prank his friend Hugh Jackman by crashing his hotel room as Deadpool... Earlier today, his pal, Hugh Jackman, tweeted a video of himself trying to post a birthday message to somebody from a hotel room.

The bromance between Logan star Hugh Jackman and Deadpool 2's Ryan Reynolds just heated up. But if he thinks a little thing like that is going to stop Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool trying to annoy him, he is vastly mistaken. But that version of the character was widely criticized and the movie was panned, until Reynolds brought the character back in the X-Men universe's first R-rated film. Deadpool is stretched out on a hotel bed behind Hugh and singing "Tomorrow" from the musical Annie. This time around Deadpool is joined by his very own team The X-Force as he does battle with Cable, a heavily armed soldier from the future.

Of course, this is just the next phase of their playful friendship, which even saw plenty of Hugh Jackman jokes featured in Deadpool, 2016's feature film dedicated exclusively to the devilish, reckless and profanity-loving antihero.

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There's no need to worry about equality in these interactions, Jackman has also trolled Reynolds pretty hard online.

Of course, Hugh Jackman wouldn't be outdone. We know Jackman has been Wolverine before, even if he's done with the character now. In a dream scenario for many, Wolverine could also conceivably show up in Avengers 4 after the Disney-Fox merger goes through.

While fans want to see a collaboration of Deadpool and Wolverine in big screens, unfortunately, Jackman has announced his retirement from the role.

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