Fortnite Meteors Crashing Into Island, Superheroes May Be Coming

Fortnite Tilted Towers Meteor DESTRUCTION coming tomorrow? New update reveals secret clues

EPIC GETTY Fortnite Tilted Towers Meteor DESTRUCTION coming tomorrow? New update reveals secret clues

Whether or not this relates to what's going on with the meteor/comet and Tilted Towers is now unknown.

The Fortnite Meteor Theories have spread across the net, with players trying to work out what the big ball of blue light is in the sky. Now users even claim to see UFOs among the meteors, leading some to believe that this teaser has something to do with an alien invasion.

Epic games has confirmed that they are now undergoing downtime to unblock a small number of players who were affected by a recent backend service update which caused login and matchmaking issues.

As you might imagine, fans are ultra excited by the prospect of a superhero theme for the season. The caption says, "Battle".

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The most popular Battle Royale mode is said to be coming to Switch with cross-platform play and no real changes. The superhero could also be fighting some sort of villain and just so happened to land on the "Fortnite" map, bringing along a possible invasion where players will have to help the superhero fight the monster (s). This seems like a great theme with the impending release of the latest Avengers movie. Superheroes have been a popular subject for some time and "Fortnite" would be an even more popular game with players if certain superheroes or certain superhero abilities were incorporated into the next season.

Something that may delay the start of season 4 is its battle pass.

Season 3 of Fortnite ends on April 30th, and it seems like that might be when we finally see a payoff for these teases, particularly as the most recent update added audio files to the game, found by dataminers, with names like "Meteor_Impact" and "Meteor_Distant_Explosion".

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