Gmail update include better security feature with the new Confidential Mode



Simple tools, such as the ability to sweep all messages in a certain group (typically grouped by date) into your archives, make the app efficient for processing messages.

Google is finally launching its much-anticipated Gmail redesign for customers worldwide, its first in years. Google will display suggested short replies based on the email context. Gmail confidential mode will help these users to protect sensitive content in emails by creating expiration dates or revoking previously sent messages. There is also a choice for the recipient to receive an SMS message with a passcode generated by Google in order to access the email.

You can start using these new updates in Gmail on the web today, with some features appearing within the coming weeks.

Further updates regarding the ongoing Gogle's projects are expected to be known on I/O developer conference to be conducted by Google in next month.

Google has baked artificial intelligence into the new Gmail that will "intelligently (and subtly) nudge you" when it's time to respond to a message or prioritize something.

Google will also offer a Gmail offline mode that has the same UI as the online version. The most notable being that desktop users can drag an email directly from Gmail and place it in the new Tasks sidebar (mentioned above).

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Obviously all this new functionality needs to be controlled somehow, and as such the new update is going to mean the look of Gmail is going to change.

Gmail's big redesign was not a very well kept secret. Google will also pop up new elements called unsubscribe cards recommending you unsubscribe from senders or mailing lists that frequently end up unopened or deleted. It's unlikely to be completely fail-safe (so maybe don't start sending everyone your deepest secrets just yet), but it should hopefully prevent people from accidentally forwarding confidential information.

Now, Google's overhaul here has been engineered to cater to business users with the goal of stealing business away from Microsoft and users on its workplace oriented offerings.

Other features include a setting for high-priority notifications, which alerts users to important messages keeping interruptions to a minimum.

These automated programs can, among other things, identify spam and predict which emails users would find most important. Initially, users will be able to switch back and forth between the different versions, but at some point, Google will switch all of its users to the new design.

This feature uses Google AI to determine what messages qualify for this feature, but essentially, Nudge is another reminder system.

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