Jay Feely's Apology For Pistol Prom Pic Falls On Deaf Ears

Dad sparks Twitter debate over gun joke in daughter's prom photo

PHOTO: Jay Feely Holds Gun in Snap With Daughter & Her Prom Date

Feely's tweet of course drew reaction from liberals on twitter.

Former NFL kicker Jay Feely apologized for posting a "joking" photo of him holding a pistol while standing between his daughter and her prom date.

On Saturday, Feely posted an image of himself, alongside two smiling teens in formal attire. "His finger is out of the trigger well".

Now, Jay Feely, an ex-NFL kicker, is coming under fire for posting a photo to Twitter in which he posed with his daughter, her prom date, and a handgun, with the caption, "Wishing my attractive daughter and her date a great time at prom". Moms Demand Action Founder Shannon Watts agreed, adding that Feely's photo was misogynistic. Maybe this would have been more hysterical if teenagers weren't being shot to death on a regular basis all over our nation.

"The prom picture I posted was obviously meant to be a joke", the 41-year-old Feely wrote.

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Ex-NFL placekicker Jay Feely would probably have escaped without criticism had he not remained a public figure through his association with CBS Sports.

In Feely's Sunday apology, he explained that his daughter and her boyfriend of more than a year knew he was joking.

Humor is subjective. For example, I could say that the kid shouldn't worry because Feely's vision isn't very good.

"Guns are not toys or props", she tweeted.

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