Amazon is working on the development of domestic robots

Mark Gurman explains Amazon’s plans to build home rebots

Mark Gurman explains Amazon’s plans to build home rebots

According to Bloomberg, Amazon has embarked on an ambitious, top-secret plan to build a domestic robot codenamed "Vesta", after the Roman goddess.

Concrete details are scarce, but the robots could essentially be mobile versions of Amazon Echo devices, able to follow people around the house, Bloomberg reported. The robot would be outfitted with technology akin to self-driving cars, allowing it to navigate and detect object via computer vision.

Earlier this year, Amazon posted several new job openings for the project, signaling their increased production and faith in the Vesta project.

Now the Company is advertising to hire "Software Engineer, Robotics" and "Principle Sensors Engineers". With a built-in camera, it'd be a natural fit to monitor the home for activity. Add in maybe one or two other interesting features and it'll already do more than any of the in-home robots that companies have tried to release in the past.

In recent years, robots within homes has generally been limited to vacuum cleaners, such as Dyson's 360 Eye machine and Roomba's range of robots.

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It's not a awful idea, though if it's just an Alexa-powered mobile speaker, it may not give enough reason for customers to care beyond the early-adopter thrill of owning a domestic robot.

This domestic robot is different than the ones that Amazon Robotics designed for use in the company's warehouses to move around products. You will be much familiar with the UI of the new smart robots as it would work like a smartphone with the help of Alexa voice assistant. Lab126 is responsible for devices like the Echo speakers and Fire tablets.

Ars has reached out to Amazon for further comment. But they have proved to be some sort of disappointment as the reviews regarding the performance of these robots suggest. Some robots like LG's CLOi and Sony's Aibo puppy robot have yet to take off, likely due to their ambiguous nature and high price tags (the Aibo pooch costs a whopping $1,739).

What do you want to see from an Amazon robot?

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