DICE Reportedly Prototyping Battle Royale Mode for Battlefield V

100 players ride the wings of a plane over an island

Above 100 players ride the wings of a plane over an island....Image Credit DICE

Earlier this week we heard that Activision's Call of Duty Black Ops 4 may have a Battle Royale mode, now it's the turn of EA.

It is unconfirmed at this point but many sources claim that this is, in fact, going to happen. Are you excited for the series to invest a popular mode like the battle royale, or would you rather DICE exclusively invest in making Battlefield V the best it can be without it?

It appears the Battlefield franchise may not be the only well-established FPS series to potentially feature a battle royale mode.

That said, it hasn't been confirmed that Battlefield V will exclusively be a battle royale game.

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The Battle Royale mode has become incredibly popular in recent years with games like PUBG and Fortnite attracting millions of players. Meanwhile, the real Battle Royale experience can be had thanks to Battlefield's strategic, tactical, team-based gameplay style and large scale maps.

The mode remains in testing as the studio decides whether to greenlight it for its forthcoming World War II shooter, which makes it unlikely that the mode would make it into the game at launch if approved.

The question is, whether this trend represents a seismic shift in the kinds of games people want to play, or if like a number of other half-genres over the past two decades, whether we'll see players return to the mainstays before long. What do you think about a battle royale for Call of Duty and Battlefield? So do this mean that it will take on the form of a typical 100-players parachute in with only one person left standing at the end?

The Battlefield series is a prime candidate to see a Battle Royale mode.

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