Mark Zuckerberg unscathed by congressional grilling, stock rises

An example of what you might see if your data was not shared after following the above steps. Facebook

An example of what you might see if your data was not shared after following the above steps. Facebook

In some of the most pointed questions of the day, senators repeatedly asked Mark exactly how much data Facebook really collected and how it tracked its users.

It is now on record that Facebook collects data about non-users and Zuckerberg has no idea how much data is stored without consent or specifically how it is used. For some services like emails etc, you can use a different browser (say Chrome) in default mode so that your passwords and website settings etc are saved.

Facebook makes its money by leveraging user data in order to serve users ads it thinks are pertinent. The site has been repeatedly struck with negative headlines over the past month, beginning with revelations about how it provided third-party apps with user data and allegations that such data was used to manipulate the 2016 USA presidential election. Until two weeks ago, when they announced they were ending it, they were actually buying data from data brokers about your offline transactions and all the stuff that they couldn't see when you were on the Internet: your level of income, your vehicle ownership.

House lawmakers were a bit tougher on Zuckerberg than their colleagues in the Senate, many of whom seemed confused by the company and what it does.

Cambridge Analytica insists it deleted the harvested data as soon as it was informed it breached Facebook's terms of use.

The hearings that ended on Wednesday revealed no consensus among USA lawmakers about what kind of privacy legislation they might want to pursue, if any, and no timeline for action. But Zuckerberg has now revealed another fact that is sure to worry anyone who doesn't use Facebook.

In the course of more than four hours, he apologized and took responsibility for a data scrape of 87 million users by British political consulting firm Cambridge Analytica during the 2016 presidential elections.

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Democrat Bobby Rush was in the process of asking Mr Zuckerberg when he learned that Facebook allowed advertisers prevent ads from being shown to certain minority groups, a possible violation of civil rights laws.

When New York Representative Paul Tonko asked if Facebook should "bear the liability for the misuse of people's data", Zuckerberg responded that the company takes "responsibility", but refused to claim his company was liable, stating CA was exclusively at fault.

Dingell expressed frustration with Zuckerberg's frequent promises to get back to lawmakers later in writing.

There, Facebook states clearly that it tracks users and non-users on every site that features a Facebook "Like" or "Share" button (including the article you're reading right now). He said he was among the almost 87 million people whose personal information was improperly shared with political consultancy Cambridge Analytica.

"How can consumers have control over their data when Facebook does not have control over the data?" asked Congressman Frank Pallone of New Jersey at the beginning of the hearing. He did not name specific companies.

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