Hudson Valley commemorates Holocaust Remembrance Day

London Mayor Sadiq Khan to attend Yom HaShoah event on Sunday

Hudson Valley commemorates Holocaust Remembrance Day

A shed guard in Auschwitz.

One of the more striking findings found that 41 percent of US adults-and 66 percent of USA millennials-could not explain that Auschwitz was a concentration camp in Poland where the Nazis detained 1.3 million people and exterminated 1.1 million during World War II.

But a survey released Thursday, on Holocaust Remembrance Day, found that many adults lack basic knowledge of what happened - and this lack of knowledge is more pronounced among millennials, whom the survey defined as people ages 18-34.

Laura Zelle, the Holocaust education director for the Jewish Community Relations Council, works to keep the memories of those impacted by the Holocaust alive.

The survey also found that a large majority of Americans have little to no connection to the Holocaust - with 80 percent never having visited a Holocaust museum and 66 percent not knowing or knowing of a survivor.

Poles argue that they're unfairly judged complicit in German Nazi war crimes when their country was occupied and an estimated 2.7 million non-Jewish civilians were killed, including many resistance fighters. "Like Rav Schacter said, the fact that so many students came, despite that fact that the Shoah was so many years ago shows that the Nazis were wrong".

"This study underscores the importance of Holocaust education in our schools", Greg Schneider, executive vice president of the Claims Conference said in a statement.

Some schools across the country are trying to change that.

Three Iranians killed in Syrian airbase Israeli airstrike
It has also repeatedly warned it will not accept its arch-foe Iran entrenching itself militarily in neighbouring Syria. Russia's Defence Ministry said two Israeli aircraft targeted the T4 air base in Homs province, firing eight missiles.

Some 12,000 marchers, including several elderly Holocaust survivors, participated in the 30th March of the Living. "One must not stray into the other's field", he said. "People may not know the details themselves, but they still think it's important".

Also in attendance were Zohara Boyd and Peter Petschauer, both retired professors with very different histories.

His native Hungary was allied with Nazi Germany, and he spent three years in forced labor on the eastern front, and was later taken prisoner by Soviet troops. Schaecter, who is also a founding member of the Holocaust Memorial, was born in 1929 on a farm in a small town in Slovakia.

The presidents of Poland and Israel met in Oświęcim, near the Auschwitz Nazi death camp, where they held talks together and then led the March of the Living.

Nearly half (45 percent) of Americans were unable to name a single concentration camp, and the number was even worse for millennials (49 percent).

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Duda said Poland's intention was not to restrict Holocaust remembrance. And lawmakers representing 20 different states have tried to introduce bills to do the same.

David Silberklang, senior historian in Yad Vashem's International Institute for Holocaust Research, warned that the law, which is being reviewed by the Polish constitutional court, "will intimidate" scholars, educators and others "from having an open discussion of the roles of Polish people in the Holocaust".

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