Explaining His Cannabis Conversion, John Boehner Cites a Marijuana Myth



In that case, Cathy Jordan and other patients are challenging a state law, passed during a special session past year, that carries out the amendment and, among other things, bans patients from smoking marijuana. Redner was prescribed to receive juicing treatments from his doctor to prevent a relapse of stage 4 lung cancer. "Politicians have traditionally lagged behind the people on this issue, so it is wonderful to see one so adamantly opposed to legalization reversing course like this", Morgan Fox, Director of Communications for the Marijuana Policy Project, said to NPR.

Gievers also said in her decision that Redner can do this exclusively for the juicing prescription that has been recommended by his physician.

Not only is Nixon right that marijuana should be decriminalized, both in NY and around the country, but we can't help agreeing with her assessment of the entire situation.

NY already has a limited medical marijuana program.

Authorities responded to a request to check on the welfare of a woman at 5:55 p.m. March 30 and found several marijuana plants growing in the home when they were let inside.

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Lirot said he will file a motion as soon as Thursday asking Gievers to lift the stay.

Gievers also said in her ruling that the state continues to be non-compliant in the implementation of Amendment 2.

Louisiana's medical marijuana bill approved in 2016 allowed the use of medical marijuana to treat certain conditions, including HIV/AIDS, Crohn's disease, muscular dystrophy and epilepsy. In the case of Redner, Gievers noted that the state still has not defined what the adequate supply of medical marijuana is for a patient despite being mandated to do so. The health department sent the grower a cease-and-desist order after the News Service reported that the company had started selling a whole flower product for use in vaporizers but which could easily be smoked. The smoking ban will also be heard by Gievers next month.

There's going to be another chance for those who want to get into Iowa's new medical marijuana business.

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