Uber moves beyond ride-hailing with car-sharing, more biking

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At a future of mobility event in Washington D.C. today, Khosrowshahi announced Uber's foray into auto rentals, shared bikes in D.C. and public transportation.

Uber partner organisations include the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA), MP Shah Hospital, emergency services company Flare, auto dealer Toyotsu, Huawei, Techno, Essilor, Kingsway, and Telkom Kenya.

The new program will add more cars to the GetAround fleet than just the existing personal vehicles that owners make available, and make the cars available to anyone with the Uber app in San Francisco. After the integration, riders will be able to book a bike via the Uber app.

The company announced it would make aggregated traffic data to help planners in 12 new cities worldwide under its Uber Movement plan, to bring the total to 21. The company also says a Jump fleet expansion is in the works, allowing the e-bike start-up's local head count to grow from 200 to 400 bikes - the maximum allowed under D.C.'s dockless bike-share pilot.

Experts agree that the latest move is part of a larger effort to expand the business beyond the usual ride-hailing service.

Khosrowshahi said the new plans aim at helping Uber offer solutions for an increasingly urban world population and reduce the need for auto ownership.

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Khosrowshahi recently explained that bike sharing is a mode of transportation that is the most affordable for some people.

Another partnership is with on-demand vehicle rental service Getaround. Except instead of hopping into the back seat with a driver at the wheel, you're renting someone's auto for a short amount of time.

The station reported the law firm hired by Brock is hoping to get $25 to $50 million from Uber in the case, although the lawsuit says he is seeking unspecified damages. "Now you can take a bike to rent your auto and go buy groceries".

Until now only Uber has been able to use that information.

Uber is introducing e-bike, auto rental, and public transit tickets to its primary app. It is also partnering with Masabi, a public transit ticketing company, so that commuters can book rides on buses and trains using the Uber app.

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