Potential Future Additions to Fortnite: Battle Royale Include Dual Pistols, Space Pistol

Fortnite Battle Royale leaked skin

EPIC GAMESFortnite Battle Royale items appear in a new leak

It's a powerful tool, and one with the potential to considerably shake up how the game plays. But the headline to Battle Royale is the addition of an incredibly intuitive, new Replay feature.

As expected, Epic has also brought in a number of smaller hotfixes to Fortnite with Patch 3.5, all of which you can read in full on their website.

The big stuff first: the much talked about Port-a-Fort, a grenade which instantly creates a metallic sniper's perch when thrown, is now available in the game as an item. Recently, a Rock, Paper, Scissors emote took the community by storm once it was discovered that the emote actually randomly displayed one of the three hand gestures. It supports several camera modes including third-person, drone, and gameplay, with "cinematic camera settings", adjustable playback speed, and player outlines and name plates that will help you "tell your story better". We'll see over the next few days if experienced players will consider carrying one in their inventory, but it's unlikely it will find a home in one of the five slots for those who are capable of rapid building. You have an opportunity to win phenomenal prizes with the Replay system... very soon.

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