Israel's Labor Party cuts ties with Britain's Jeremy Corbyn amid anti-Semitism row

Jon Lansman said Mr Corbyn planned to make it easier to oust moderate MPs who opposed his leadership

Jon Lansman said Mr Corbyn planned to make it easier to oust moderate MPs who opposed his leadership

The UK Government must support the United Nations secretary-general's call for an independent global inquiry into the killing of protesters in Gaza and review the sale of arms that could be used in violation of worldwide law.

A spokesperson for Corbyn said: "Jeremy is utterly committed to driving anti-Semitism out of the Labour Party".

While there are many areas where our respective parties can and will cooperate, we cannot retain relations with you, Leader of the Labour Party UK, while you fail to adequately address the anti-Semitism within Labour Party UK.

Labor Israel's Avi Gabbay wrote to Jeremy Corbyn: "I write to inform you of the temporary suspension of all formal relations between the Israel Labor Party and the Leader of the Labor Party UK".

The Labour Party has yet to provide a comment on the letter.

But Labour was hit y a fresh anti-Semitism scandal yesterday after it emerged one of the party's minorities officers posted images comparing Israel to the Nazis.

In a message read out at a demonstration outside Downing Street on Saturday, Mr. Corbyn demanded that Prime Minister Theresa May support the United Nation's call for an independent global inquiry.

"Firing live ammunition into crowds of unarmed civilians is illegal and inhumane and can not be tolerated", Corbyn also said in the statement.

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Israel's Labor Party has cut ties with Jeremy Corbyn's office after accusing the Labour leader of hostility towards Jews and allowing "anti-Semitic statements and actions".

Corbyn is a staunch supporter of the Palestinians and had previously courted controversy by referring to Hamas and Hezbollah as "friends", something he later said that he regretted.

The two organisations proposed an agenda that centred on the need for personal leadership from Corbyn to tackle the issue, swift action on outstanding antisemitism disciplinary cases, and a programme of education for party members. Whilst Angela Smith MP described it as a "blatant dismissal of the case made for tackling antisemitism".

Last week, Corbyn attended a Passover Seder organized by a left-wing Jewish group that openly calls for Israel's destruction.

And he shared a post defending the mural which sparked the recent protests against Mr Corbyn - contradicting the Labour leader who admitted it was.

"He has failed to respond to their repeated offers of dialogue, including invitations to host him at Yad Vashem, Israel's national Holocaust Museum".

"It's just between the Israeli Labour party and Jeremy Corbyn directly, not the wider Labour party and certainly not us".

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