What Trump Is Missing By Canceling His South America Trip

Much has changed since Obama’s December 2014 decision to pursue détente with Havana

Much has changed since Obama’s December 2014 decision to pursue détente with Havana

The trip, set to begin on Friday, would have been Trump's first visit to Latin America since taking office, the Washington Post reported.

"At the president's request, the vice-president will travel in his stead".

Trump said late Monday that the US will respond "forcefully" to a suspected chemical weapons attack by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's regime over the weekend, after suggesting earlier that Russian President Vladimir Putin may share responsibility.

This will be the second trip to the region for Vice President Mike Pence.

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U.S. President Donald Trump announced Tuesday that he had cancelled his first visit to Latin America to focus on the unfolding situation in Syria.

Pence, who the White House said will also travel to Brazil next month, was last summer said to have been far more conciliatory in his response to Maduro than Trump, who had threatened military intervention in Venezuela. "The president will remain in the United States to oversee the American response to Syria and to monitor developments around the world". "That's why Trump's absence from the summit, where for the first time there won't be a US president among the participants, marks a key point in ties and in the application of policies based on consensus", Rodriguez said.

Activists allege that the Assad regime dropped a bunch of bombs filled with deadly chemicals on the town, killing 40 people (some of them children), although the regime denies that the attack even happened, and certainly that it was their doing, but who are you more inclined to believe?

The AFP news agency quoted French government spokesman Benjamin Griveaux as saying on Tuesday that "if a red line had been crossed, there will be a response", adding that intelligence shared by the French and United States leaders "in theory confirms the use of chemical weapons".

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