Schrater: May "Equal Pay Day" arrive much sooner

Maternity leave varies widely across universities

Maternity leave varies widely across universities

The average man working full time spends 8.3 hours per day on the job, compared to 7.8 hours for the average woman working full time. And these numbers show that nothing has changed since Hired asked companies these questions a year ago. This year, Equal Pay Day will be on April 10.

Gender pay inequities occur across diverse industries.

Women still earn less than men, and the gap costs women more than $860 billion a year, he said.

"It is IntY's position that pay for like-for-like roles should be equal regardless of gender, and comparing salaries across the business based on gender alone, without context, is misleading", he said. Even when comparing women and men in the same occupations, the report finds women are still paid less than men doing the same jobs in almost every sector of work. Women are paid 80 cents to every dollar their male counterparts are paid, according to NCPE.

New Hampshire's gap was a penny lower than Massachusetts', but a penny more than ME, and 3 cents more than Vermont.

Laurence Zakson, who represented guilds for makeup artists, hair stylists and costume designers as well as a public employee union, said Monday's ruling was important because the wage protections now extend beyond California.

- In the continuing fight for equal pay for female workers, women and men across the country are joining in advocacy efforts for Equal Pay Day. When she asked management about the disparity, she was told her pay had been based on her prior salary.

The most common jobs for women such as education and healthcare, generally pay less than the most common jobs for men including computer and engineering jobs.

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JP Morgan Chase in February became the latest bank to disclose a pay gap of 1 percent, after adjusting for factors like job role, seniority and geography. The company reported in 2017 that women make up 57 percent of its staff.

In 2018, American women earn 19.5% less than their male colleagues, according to the US Census Bureau. Although Congress enacted the Equal Pay Act in 1963, the gender pay gap is still pervasive. Men in Paris have the same advantage as American men, with higher pay offers 63% of the time.

Once the new state requirements took effect in 2016, she and other women working in the Fresno office received pay raises, though they were not retroactive, Rizo said. "It just reaffirms that there are enough women that have had it".

The analysis also breaks down wages in congressional districts. Many risky and unsafe jobs pay higher wages. Frances Berwick, president of NBCUniversal Lifestyle Entertainment, said Kennedy has more extensive duties than Sadler, including work on the network's profitable red carpet franchise.

While progress is moving at a glacial pace, there are some changes happening that should help make a difference in the future.

She soon found herself a symbol of the wage gap, championed on the red carpet by celebrities that she used to interview, like Eva Longoria, Debra Messing, Natalie Portman and Laura Dern.

"I do not demand equal pay for any women save those who do equal work in value".

While we wait to see what impact these shifts will have on women's salaries in these areas and if other states and countries will follow suit, women can use the occasion of Equal Pay Day to take actions like the ones above to advocate for themselves in the meantime.

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