Questions Being Raised On How Shooter Got Into YouTube's Building

YouTube HQ Map San Bruno shooting

Skye Gould Business Insider

A woman opened fire Tuesday at YouTube headquarters, wounding three people before fatally shooting herself as terrified employees huddled inside, police and witnesses said.

Aghdam's brother told FOX 11 exclusively her grudge against YouTube likely motivated her shooting three company employee and taking her own life.

"I looked down and saw blood drips on the floor and stairs".

Juhea Kim, founder of the website, said she was excited to feature the story written by an Iranian freelancer about a vegan Iranian bodybuilder.

In response to the rampage, YouTube pledged to increase the security at its San Bruno headquarters and other offices worldwide.

She had been a prolific contributor to the video sharing site, posting videos on fitness, veganism and animal rights.

Federal and state investigators also executed search warrants at two homes associated with the family, collecting evidence. Mountain View police spotted her vehicle at 1:40 a.m. Tuesday morning parked in a Walmart parking lot, Aghdam asleep inside.

Throughout a 20-minute conversation with officers, she appeared calm and explained that she had made a decision to leave her home because of family issues and said nothing about YouTube, police said.

Aghdam had several accounts on the site which have since been removed. Next to another video, which also had been blocked Wednesday, she wrote: "This video got age restricted after new close-minded employees, got control of my farsi youtube channel a year ago 2016 and began filtering my videos to reduce views & suppress & discaurage (sic) me from making videos!"

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San Diego sheriff's Lt. Karen Stubkjaer said Thursday the father never told deputies that she was a risk to herself or others when he reported her missing.

Still, she seemed to be a conflicted woman living in two worlds, the Iran of her childhood where she would attract numerous social media followers, and the United States where she became disillusioned over what she perceived as the hypocrisy of American ideals.

Lee's analysis shows Aghdam's videos had total of about nine million views with 30,000 subscribers - nowhere near what's necessary to be a YouTube star.

"It was a very normal conversation", Bosel said, with authorities emphasizing the family gave no indication Aghdam would turn violent.

San Bruno police would not release the name of the gun range where Aghdam took target practice Tuesday, but Caldwell said the business reached out to authorities after seeing news reports of the shooting and recognizing the woman who had been there a short time earlier.

According to the Police, Nasime was angry at YouTube because her videos were not as popular as she imagined they would be.

ROTT: So not many people at - from YouTube are talking right now, but a lot of these tech companies have these sort of open-style campuses like YouTube's.

Aghdam took the pistol from the store the same day that the world's biggest online video website announced stricter requirements for video producers to make money from views of their videos. She told Mountain View police who spoke to her around 2 a.m. Tuesday that she had come to the area to stay with relatives and was looking for a job, police said.

Police say she used a handgun to shoot and wound two women and a man and then killed herself. Aghdam did not appear to be a threat to herself or others, police spokeswoman Katie Nelson said. I didn't know she had a gun.

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