'Nanny state full of PC snowflakes' - Sugar tax sparks anger

Drinks with high levels of sugar such as Coca-Cola will be charged an increased levy

Drinks with high levels of sugar such as Coca-Cola will be charged an increased levyANTHONY DEVLIN PA

Widely supported by health campaigners, doctors and the likes of Jamie Oliver, it is created to reduce the impact of obesity on the NHS.

Scotland's iconic drink announced a change in recipe previous year in response to the sugar tax. That remains to be seen and plenty of experts fear that it won't.

Several soft drinks companies have already reduced the sugar content of their products to avoid the tax, often opting for artificial sweeteners instead.

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But the reality is that many of them do.

The money raised from the tax, which will affect drinks such as classic Coca Cola and Fanta, will then go to the Treasury.

What worries me are the things that aren't being said. Nearly a third (31pc) report being unsure of which food and drink items are actually high in sugar.

"If they want a Coca-Cola without sugar, we have Diet Coke and Coca-Cola Zero Sugar, which will not be subject to the tax".

That's the entire maximum daily recommended sugar allowance for four to six-year-olds.

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How much more will your soft drinks cost?

So far Lucazade, Irn Bru, Fanta, and Ribena are amongst the drinks that have cut their sugar content by almost a half, though some big names like Coca-Cola have yet to change their recipes.

A tax on sugary soft drinks has come into force, meaning consumers will have to pay more for their favourite refreshments.

It is hoped the tax will encourage drinks companies to cut down on the amount of sugar in drinks, and consumers to choose lower sugar alternatives.

But that also means education.

But, if they are well-informed, hopefully they will make better choices.

But the tax will solve neither obesity nor tooth decay and PHE is urging parents to change their children's eating and drinking habits.

The measure works by making firms pay a levy if their products contain more than a set amount of sugar. Britvic says that 94% of its drinks, including Robinson's and Tango, are now exempt, while AG Barr has halved the sugar content in Irn Bru despite a petition from fans of the brand to maintain the current recipe. "Industry spends millions marketing foods to children, much of which is unhealthy, and now we need to turn our attention next to this".

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