Far Cry 5 First Live Event Offers Weapon Skin and Outfit

Far Cry 5 The Quality of Mercy

Far Cry 5's Accolades Trailer Soars with High Scores

According to Ubisoft, Far Cry 5 has broken several records in first week sales, both in relation to the franchise and the company as a whole.

As well as the hype around Far Cry 5, this is likely driven by the fact that Playerunknown's Battlegrounds has been out for a year now, and sales are of course going to decelerate over time; PUBG was simply never going to maintain the upward trajectory it was on in its first year forever. Beware though cause molotovs and flamethrowers won't do the trick, you have to be more creative to complete this task.

There are two separate sets of rewards for the event. If you kill 10, you get a bunch of silver bars which you can spend in the store.

If the community can come together and finish the goal of 150,000 animals killed before April 10, everyone who participated gets a Flamebearer outfit that's only available via this live event.

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As you can expect scores and quotes from IGN, Gamespot, PlayStation Universe, and more are shown throughout the video with gameplay. The following four methods have been tested and are proven to provide kills that count towards your Well Done Challenge goal.

Shotguns with Incendiary Shells - these pack the usual punch of a shotgun, and set things on fire.

It might seem odd that Ubisoft chose setting animals on fire for a live event but it certainly speaks to the tone of Far Cry 5. These are a bit overkill, but they get the job done. If you're so hard up you, have to use this, your best bet is to try and weaken the beast with some regular gunfire first.

To access the event, open the menu and keep scrolling until you find the online tab. From here, you can select Live Events, which takes you to a screen that informs you of the current event.

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